TMT Jack

Machine for collection and treatment



Innovative multi-purpose machine with 3-wheel drive, equipped with various accessories, designed for the Brazilian market with particular attention to the use of the machine in different crops and in different stages of the crop itself.





It is a facilitating machine that simplifies the various operations, reducing human effort, times and increasing the homogeneity of the work, obtaining a better yield on the product, in terms of quality and quantity.



– 50 HP Lombardini engine

– “Poclain” hydraulic transmission

– Speed ​​from 0 to 15 Km / H

– Anti-rollover cab equipped with Roll bar to protect operator safety

– Storage platform



– Mechanical planting of vegetables, bulbs, grafts

– Weeding

– Bedforming  and preparation of the soil

– Granular fertilizer spreads – Leaf treatments

– Vegetable harvesting facilitator, fruit, leaves and bulbs

– Localized weeding with product supply managed by the computer

A further version suitable for hilly soil is available on request: floor height from the ground 1,25 m, rear wheels adjustable in height with self-leveling system, specific accessories for the collection on particular and not particular fruit plants (eg see bananas etc.)






Machine configuration:


Photo - Machine and processing:

Video - Machine and processing: