Bed former Fumigation and Barrier film and Hose layer

A complete job with only one machine



Combined machine of the towed type.







Performs the following operations in succession:

-Create the Bed

-Apply the fumigant product

-Apply the hose

-Extend the Nylon film.




Machine configuration:

Technical features

Structure and functioning

FUMI BAU SM SN is a towed type machine, consisting of a frame provided with a third point (1).

The machine mounts N°4 groups of accessories, which perform distinct operations in sequence:

2) Fumigation

3) Bed former

4) Hose laying

5) Nylon film laying


The fumigation of the product takes place through the localizing anchors (6) that penetrate into the ground from 7 to 10 cm.
The rolled wheels (7) transmit the motion to the fumigating product distribution pump (8), which draws the product itself from the removable tank (9) to be distributed to the anchoring locators (6) thanks to a lung (10).

N.B. In addition to the removable tank, we can mount a fixed cistern.

Bed forming

Two external coulters (11) form the base of the bed and convey the ground to the internal receptors (12) that define the shoulder of the bed.

The compactor roller (13) defines the upper plane of the boot.

Hose Layer

The hose layer (14), places the hose (15) on the crest of the newly formed bed.

Nylon film layer

The Nylon film layer (16) proceeds step by step with the hose layer (17).

Thanks to a series of specific accessories, the Nylon is spread over the entire surface of the trunk, covering the irrigation hoses.

Synthetic scheme of the work phases

The machine, through the autonomous hydraulic system (A), distributes the product to the localizing anchors (B), creates and compacts the bed (C), lay the hose (D) and, simultaneously, lay the Nylon film(E).

Maximum dimensions

N.B. The dimensions of the machine are indicative because, being linked to the size of the bed to be made, they can change.

L) 2,9 mt

P) 3,2 mt

H) 2,2 mt


Photo - Machine and processing:

Video - Machine and processing: