Inter-row weeding machine

Our Rotosark weeding machine is not a common cultivator,  because it incorporates 3 machines in one:

  • mechanical row crop cultivator;
  • crust breaker for all soil;
  • ridger.

With our Rotoblizz / Rotovert  special rotors,  we act directly near the row, without damaging the root and foliar system, uprooting the germination and the weeds thus reducing the chemical herbicides application or need.


Click on the icons to select the ROTOR choice:


On all crops with row distance
between more than 30 cm

On all crops with row distance
between 15 to 35 cm



  • Decreases the application of chemical herbicides;
  • As Crust breaker  and improves absorption of nighttime humidity;
  • Earths up with soil for more support to the plant;

Original and unique:

  • Reliable, for precision and durability;
  • Multi-purpose, as it incorporates 3 machines in one;
  • Revolutionary, as it operates between plants and between rows;
  • Flexible, because easily adjustable with just one tool;
  • Singular, inimitable, with an international patent;
  • Practical, because it is easy to use;
  • Customizable for all types of soil and cultivation;
  • Economic because it reduces working time and contains the costs of weeding.



Machine configuration:


Photo - Machine and processing: