Rotoblizz application on Elfurbo Minitractor

Rotoblizz application



Rotoblizz weeding system works directly on the transplant row without damaging the root and leaf system, uprooting the weeds and thus reducing the need for chemical herbicides.





N°2 opposed Rotors, with curved blades;

-Inclinated 28°  in the direction of the plant;

-Penetrate up to 4 cm in the soil, eliminating the germination of weeds;

-We can work 7 days after transplantation and 10 days from planting.



Machine configuration:

Technical features

Technical data

 The Rotoblizz system works on all crops in narrow rows with inter-row distance up 30 cm (12 inches).

 Suitable for all crops on line and on the crest:

corn, soy, sunflower, tomato, etc.

 33) Inter row distance

(distance between the rows):

ø26 cm (10 inches)

rows (L) from cm 15 to 35 (from 6 to 14 inches)

ø30 cm (12 inches)

rows (L) from cm 35 (14 inches)

ø35 cm (14 inches)

rows (L) from cm 40 (16 inches)

ø40 cm (16 inches)

rows (L) from cm 50 (20 inches)

ø45 cm (18 inches)

rows  (L) from cm 60 (24 inches)

ø50 cm (20 inches)

rows (L) from cm 100 (39 inches)

Single element

Used for one or more rows, flexible, fully adjustable with only one registry key.

Consisting of:

 25) Parallelogrammo with springs pre-set variable load (A), with adjustment by means of a handle.

Free variable load (B),with crank adjustment.

 26) Structure elements carrier supports base set-up and options.

 27) HOES  Of varying sizes.


Multi row element

Used for multiple rows, flexible, fully adjustable with only one registry key. Consisting of:

29) Parallelogram with predetermined variable load springs (A), with adjustment by  a handle.

Parallelogram with springs with variable free load (B), with crank adjustment.

30) Support for accessories and options.

31) furrowers group of variable dimensions.

32) ridger


Options list


It prevents the accumulation of soil in Rotoblizz, cuts and expels any adult weeds. Suitable for silty soils.


On particularly stony soils, there are some stone block rings which are welded to any size of Rotoblizz.


Pre-breaking star

Positioned in front of the Rotoblizz and Rotovert rotors, it breaks the soil


Suitable for clay soils.


Metal protection designed to protect leaves and plants of medium height, on narrow interfiles, where the Rotoblizz could interfere in the external part.


Device that lifts the hose before the passage of the Rotoblizz.


They level the soil after processing.

As an alternative to compacting rollers, they are suitable for industry tomato crops.

Parallelogram with variable load, multifunctional.

Above we can mount a group to break the trace of the tractor’s wheels and ridging disks that serve to restore, where present, the ridge of the bed, both single and multiple.

Scraper discs.

They are used to clean and reform the ridge


Flatten the soil, removes stones.