The growing need for productivity has pushed us to develop more and more advanced technologies over the years, capable of improving production performance in the “transplanting” sector, with an eye to yield and management costs. 

The practical use of the transplanter in nurseries: The transplant of fruit trees rootstocks and hight trees

The purchase of a SD transplanter is necessary for all those who intend to transplant rootstocks, tissue cultures, vine-cuttings, dormant buds and plants with a graft from rootstocks. This machine performs its function in multiple phases: from the opening of the ground through the FURROW, it follows the transplanting phase thanks to a chain mechanism on which pliers are applied (at variable distance), where the seedlings are placed, tucked up and, lastly, thanks to the innovative system of hydraulic wheels (UNIQUE IN THE WORLD), they are straightened in a straight position without the help of additional personnel.

Why invest in a machine for transplanting nursery plants?

The range of transplanters offered by Oliver Agro stands out for the accessories optimized during our experience and which distinguish us all over the world because they cancel a series of operations, such as compacting the soil on the plant, tilling and vertical positioning of the plant, which would otherwise be carried out by operators behind the machine. The purchase of a Super Drive transplanter is indicated for those looking for equipment that allows the precise and constant arrangement of plants in the soil, to obtain a better transplant in terms of yield and quality in a short time.

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