Organic and conventional agriculture is constantly looking for solutions to minimize environmental impact.
In particular, the focus is on the management and elimination of weeds, a great point of discussion between the operators in the sector.

Oliver Agro, always observant to the evolution of the agri-food sector, has been always developing new solutions and is, today, able to fully meet the needs of “mechanical weeding” both in “conventional” and “organic” farming thanks to a unique and innovative product represented by the Rotosark inter row weeder.

Mechanical weeding machine: 3 variants for one result

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Given recent regolations regarding the reduction of pollution also caused by herbicides in agriculture, Oliver Agro patented an innovative solution against weeds, totally mechanical as an alternative to chemical weeding. For this reason, ROTOSARK is defined as a mechanical inter vine weeding machine immediately adopted by the organic sector, and with an increasing demand also in the conventional field as an aerator machine.

The standard model of Oliver Agro mechanical weeding machine

The mechanical weeding machines offered by Oliver Agro company stand out for their versatility, combining many equipment in a single machine, thus allowing a significant saving of time and money. In particular, these machines are ideal for who wants to work simultaneously on multiple rows, eliminating weeds, replacing soil air and its filling with one operation. Suitable for organic farming, these models produce immediately-verifiable benefits, and in the conventional sector is confirmed a decrease of chemical herbicides’ use, with consequent cost saving.

Why Oliver Agro is the ideal partner in the agricultural field

Purchasing one of our mechanical weeding machines is the best solution if you want a machine that is easy to use and has long and proven durability. The value of the equipment, however, is not only about its technical features, as a result of an ingenious idea with an amazing result. Oliver ensures performance guarantees, thanks to the knowledge gained in the field.

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