Tobacco farming

In Tobacco’s farming the growth cycle can be resumed in 3 main phases, from soil preparation, passing through the plant cultivation and care until the leaf collection and drying process.

Tobacco farm equipment for sale

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Tobacco plantations is a very delicate process: in fact, it is a matter of getting the best from a plant that is as appreciated as it is demanding. The machines proposed and developed are: the preparation of soil for tobacco transplantation, the harvest of Tobacco leaves, the processing and drying of Tobacco leaves: let’s discover them together.

Prepare, harvest and dry: three steps that enclose a world

In the first phase Oliver Agro has machines that carry out soil preparation: it is known that every good crop depends not only on the choice and care of seedlings, but also and above all on soil preparation. This is why the Series 90 furrow disc plough performs the making, hoeing and earthing up of the bed before and after the transplant, in addition to soil sterilization or fertilization. In the second phase, the self-propelled Combinet and Jack TMT carry out the manual harvest and sorting of tobacco leaf and, in the third phase, the Combi prepares the frames to be loaded in the dedicated ovens.

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