Horticultural Machinery

In the Horticulture sector, Oliver Agro offers a wide range of machines represented by our flagship inter row weeding machines, a variety of fumigant applicators such as injector and distributor and lay and collect drip irrigation hose machine.

Nowadays, farming does not just mean manual work. New technologies have radically changed farming and Oliver Agro is a leading company for the mechanization of various processes related to farming.

The horticultural machinery for sale by Oliver Agro

There are so many machines you can use to make your work easier and faster. Oliver Agro offers a complete range of horticultural machinery able to meet the most diverse needs. One of Oliver Agro’s most sought-after product is the Elfurbo Minitractor, a machine designed to carry out hoeing, seeding and some treatment (and which allows you to use less staff, thus saving time and money) with the help of an operator. Other horticultural machinery for sale by Oliver Agro is our ROTOSARK precision inter-row cultivator, which together with its configurations ROTOBLIZZ, ROTOVERT and COLIBRI help you reach almost 95% BIO, without involving manual labour.

Oliver Agro equipment and machinery are easy to use, and you can always count on the assistance of the technical staff who can answer all your questions. Take a look at the Oliver Agro catalog and find the product that best meets your company’s needs!

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