The harvest of agricultural products today is still largely carried out by hand. This involves a high cost of human resources, as well as long collection times.
In the “nursery” and “tobacco farming” sector we supply a range of products that drastically reduce the use of labor and increase productivity in a short time.

High Performing Plants Harvesting Machine

Oliver Agro has been developing machinery for the harvesting of plants for over 20 years. During this time it has put its expertise and experience to use to produce high quality machinery that optimizes the plant digging process. This is why choosing a plant harvesting machine by Oliver Agro means that you are guaranteed a high-quality product.

Choose the perfect plants harvesting machine

In order to make sure that harvesting is a successful and time efficient process, you need to choose the perfect plants harvesting machine for your needs. Oliver Agro has produced a range of quality machines to meet all requirements.

These machines include the Harvester machine SP2000 and SP 96 which is intended to be used to harvest and grading fruit trees. The SP 2000 TXC Harvesting Machine is ideal for the cutting and uprooting of wild rootstock from motherplants.

Jack TMT is a specific machine to collect and transport oriented leaves of tobacco.

Professional help with harvesting plants

It’s important that your plant harvesting is carried out in a productive and successful manner. This is why you need a plant harvesting machine that you can trust. Contact Oliver Agro about all of your plant harvesting needs.

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