Fumigation Sterilization

Oliver Agro produces a series of  soil disinfection machines to fight against weeds, fungi or nematodes through the application of gaseous, liquid and granular fumigants.

With various features and accessories, the “fumigation machines” follow the European directives to improve the effectiveness of the product while safeguarding the environmental impact.


In all those areas where there are intensive crops, cases of production reduction are particularly serious, often attributed in a generic way to “soil fatigue” phenomena. In reality there are many reasons and, of course, among them it is necessary to remember the presence of pathogenic fungi, weeds, insects and parasitic nematodes harmful to the culture. that’s why we need  soil fumigation and sterilization!


The fumigation takes place through a greenhouse or open field sterilizing machine with the appropriate precautions:
• Careful preparation of the soil (nematocidal action at 15-30 cm of soil depth) mod. LM;
• simultaneously with the preparation of the soil with a rotovator machine mod. Brava / Basamid Mirrow;
• Thanks to its front rollers, New Velox is able to work, level the ground in the 5/10 cm depth, eliminating traces of the tractor’s roadways and improving application. Particularly suitable for IV range cultivation, fresh cut products.
• Sowing or transplanting (depends on the fumigant product) also takes place a few weeks after fumigation.

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