Transplanting Machine mod. SD

Precise output

rootstocks transplanting machine



The SD Superdrive Transplanter is a machine designed for transplanting: roostock, vineyards, vitro cultures, plants in pots, lavander






Trailed type, performs a constant and precise arrangement of the plants, regardless of the speed of the tractor, thanks to an autonomous system of movements, synchronized.



Reliable rootstocks transplanting machine

Oliver Agro has a reputation for providing high quality agricultural machinery across Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia. This machinery includes both the rootstocks transplanting machine and the high plant transplanting machine.

Choosing the best transplanting machine

You need to be able to carry out rootstocks transplanting in a precise and efficient manner. The SD Superdrive Transplanter machine from Oliver Agro enables you to do this. It’s a transplanting machine you can trust and you can use it for rootstocks, vine-cuttings, lavender, vineyard, roses, tissue culture, bare roots plants or plant with little pot.. The machine is designed to perform precise actions as it operates with complete synchronization. This means that you get the best results you are looking for, even if sometimes soil conditions are unproper.

Get expert help with transplanting rootstocks

Transplanting rootstocks is a task that needs to be carried out with great precision and attention to detail. This is why you need to use a rootstock transplanting machine that you can rely on. Contact Oliver Agro about your rootstocks transplanting requirements and we will be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with the information that you need.

high plant transplanting machine

Machine configuration:

Technical features

Structure and functioning


The frame is equipped with a three-point hitch (1) and the multiple point is raised easily, thanks to the inlets for the forks of the forklift (2).

Equipped with a container for the storage of plants (3) expanded with foldable appendix (4) to reduce clutter when not in use.

It can hold 500 and more graft holders.

From the working position, the operator inserts the plants on the clamps positioning them in the groove created by the openers.

Only one operator per row places up to 1500-1800 plants per hour, with utmost ease and accuracy.



The two wheels (5), by gripping the ground, transmit the motion to the chain (6), where the transplant clamps (7) are placed, at a distance varying from a 14 to 70 cm.

8) For plant spacing> 70 cm up to a maximum of about 150 cm, we apply a device, with a most excursion chain system.

N.B. Ideal for transplanting vineyard.

Recommended tractor power, in relation to the number of rows.

The openers (9) open the soil for planting the plant.


80 mm opening for graft holders

120 mm opening for plants in vitro and with cubes

The discs (10) compress the soil on the root of the plant, then the rechargers (11) cover the furrow stabilizing the plant on the ground.



Increasing or decreasing the speed of the rear wheels (12), driven by hydraulic motors, the plant straightens up in a vertical position, canceling the operator‘s intervention.



The optional rear tippers (13) provide additional support for the plants.


The machine can be set up with multiple rows for a maximum of 4.

The minimum distance three rows is about 60 cm.


The clamps holds the stem of the plant (from 4 to 35 mm in diameter), until it is released into the ground.

Basic pliers (14) including socket H50

Maximum intake (15) 3 mm neoprene

Soil clod container (16) for in vitro and cube plants.

Available pliers with variable dimensions and accessories


Options list

On request we can mount the application stretch out hose

For particularly clay soils, we have track’s breakers, positioned in front of the open furrow.

File tracks

Rear fillers restore the soil on the sides of the plants.

Photo - Machine and processing: