Bed former Mod. BXC

Bed Former for rootstock motherplants

Bedformer machine – Mod. BXC

Bed Former
The Bedformer Mod. BXC  is an indispensable machine for the creation of the motherplant’s bed.

Allows the progressive accumulation of soil and is useful for cleaning the ridge.


Bed former: versatility for bed making, weeding and preparation for uprooting.

The offer of Oliver Agro bed formers

Oliver Agro has over 20 years of knowledge of the production of agricultural machinery in fruit trees nursery. The BXC bed formers, the TXC seedling uprooting machine and the SXC brushing machine have been designed for an ultra-specific supply chain, related to motherplants or wild rootstocks.

BXC Bed former: technical specifications

Bed former BXC’s main functions proposed by Oliver Agro company are: progressive creation of ridge for the motherplant, cleaning of backsides of bed and its earthing up. To obtain these results, the machine is equipped with plowshares that convoy soil to the center. At the same time, the two rotating cochleae carry out three distinct operations: their angle is modeling the bed’s desired shape, push the soil ground towards the top from the sides, obliging the roots to be straight. When inverted their rotation, they push 2 cm of soil down as weeds’ removal. Once the cycle has been completed, the bed former, reversing the plowshares’ direction, works as a remover, to facilitate the cutting of the rootstocks with the TXC uprooting machine.




Bed Forming Machine

Additional information

Altezza da terra

400 mm

Lunghezza massima

4765 mm

Altezza cabina

2040 mm

Machine configuration:

Technical features

Supported and driven by the tractor, it is composed of:

– Bearing welded structure (A)

– Directional wheels (B) mounted on legs equipped with hydraulic cylinders (C), which regulate the working depth of the various accessories.

An additional manual adjustment (D) allows to set the distance between the wheels.

-Two hoes (E) push the ground to the center, preparing the raw ridge of the bed.

The distance between the two opposing coulters is hydraulically adjustable by means of two opposite central cylinders (F).

-Two rotating augers (G), driven by hydraulic motors, perform the three main phases of the machine.

Phase 1: The augers create the bed needed. By rotating, they push the soil upwards, forcing the cuttings of the stump to remain straight, thus avoiding the possibility of having waste.

Phase 2: By inverting the direction of rotation of the augers, pushing downwards, we remove the weed grass tearing it from the ridge, to deposit it at the base of the groove which, during this procedure, is ruined.

Phase 3: To restore the bed, we invert the motion of the augers again, so that the machine can again restore the bed.


Options list


Flexible springs, mounted in support of the work of ridgers, on particularly compact and pasty soils.


Indicated to refine the ridge cleanliness, in particular it smoothes out any depressions of the ground, avoiding the stagnation of water and the possible incorrect growth of the roots of the plants.

The brushes rotate thanks to the hydraulic motors, and the rotation speed is directly managed by the control console

Photo - Machine and processing: