SP 2000 TXC Harvesting Machine

The solution for your stump


The SP 2000 TXC Harvesting Machine is a machine designed for:

The cutting of the wild rootstocks from  motherplant

Harvesting of wild grafts from  motherplant

Storage of wild grafts on a rear platform




Compatible with all soils suitable for growing stumps/motherplants

Production from: 4,000 to 5,000 plants per day or 6600 linear meters/day





Machine configuration:

Technical features

Structure and functioning

The Harvesting machine SP2000 TXC is a towed machine, consisting of a fixed frame (1), equipped with a third point (2) for coupling to the tractor. There is a mobile frame (3) which, when transported, allows the machine to be closed by 90 °, reducing its overall dimensions.

The SP2000 TXC harvester machine, thanks to the 600 mm Widia cutting disc (4), driven by a powerful hydraulic motor, cuts the wild graft rack holder (5) and, simultaneously, the conveyor belt (6), intercepts the stem of the plant, dragging it towards the shaker (7).

Cutting circumference: disk diameter =600 mm rpm 1800, Widia LITTLE teeth. D. 600X4,5X35 Z=72

This disc was choose also for its weight (6.5 kg) and for the form of  little and numerous (72) fine-tooth in widia, material that keeps the sharpening and a perfect cut without tears.

Our disc cut and create sawdust, we advise to combine the use also of the brushing machine.

The motor and pump chosen are a piston ones.  Very high powerful for the cut, with steady RPM (revolutions) and torque for all type of soil. This keeps high quality on the cut and stability to the cut, we don’t have any vibration on the motherplant and movements to the root system.


The shaker (8) has a length that covers a good part of the belt conveyor area.

Oscillating alternately, it performs a complete skimming of the soil, which is located around the root system of the plants. The conveyor belt (9) keeps the plants in position, leading them to the operator (10) who collects them for sorting.

Detail of the passage of the plants on the conveyor belt while the shaker moves the soil from the roots.

Detail of the plant at the exit of the operator area, ready for sorting.

At the rear, the SP 2000 TXC mower, is equipped with a platform (11) where the operators, who sort the plants (12), are placed.


The machine is equipped with  autonomous hydraulic / electric system:

13) oil tank

14) oil cooling system

15) tandem pump group that take the bike thanks to the gearbox connected to the tractor.

Tandem pumps feed the hydraulic motors of shakers, tapes and hydraulic cylinders.

16) hydraulic motors, which move the conveyor belt and the shaker.




17) speed regulators of the conveyor belt and the shaker.

The three hydraulic cylinders are managed with the control console (18).

Steering cylinder (19) corrects, and keeps the machine running while working.

Lift cylinder (20), raises and lowers the mobile frame during work and lifts it during movement.

Excavation drill cylinder (22), adjusts the working depth of the digging knife.

The two stabilizing wheels are adjustable in height and width.

The machine can be equipped with a directional knife, equipped with a rudder (31) which, penetrating into the ground (the depth is adjustable), helps to keep it while driving during the work phase.


Options list

Pallet basket

To better manage the collection of plants on the platform, pallets are available (27) which, thanks to their high shoulders, safely store many plants.

27) Dimensions:

1070x1530x1500, weight 40 Kg



Load / unload kit

To facilitate the loading and unloading of the pallet baskets (28), a kit consisting of a rotating carousel (29) is available, which allows the pallet baskets to be loaded and then directed onto the up/down rail (30)

 29) Revolving carousel dimensions:

1160x1500x240, weight 95 Kg

30) Revolving carousel dimensions:

1160x1600x340, weight 50 Kg





Collection facilitator kit

To facilitate the sorting of the plants, a collection facilitator kit (32) is available that allows to reduce the personnel on board. The kit takes the synchronized movement from the hydraulic motors of the 2 conveyor belts. Its particular structure conveys the plants in front of the operator, giving him time to check for any differences in height, and then separate them.


32) Dimensions:

1400x1400x730 weight 70 Kg



Photo - Machine and processing: