Drip irrigation Layer machine

Hose on or under the soil




To lay down drip irrigation hose, we use Irrigation hose layer, which can work independently or in combination with other machines of our production.



Machine configuration:

Technical features

Structure and operation of the application

 The single standard application Drip irrigation hose layer is composed as follows:

 1) Hose coil charger

2) Roller aligns hose

3) Telescopic frame with jumper connection

4) Bearing wheel

5) Parallelogram with variable load,

The parallelogram with variable load it is made up:

6) Adjustable springs on the press wheel hose

7) Funnel invitation for hose

8) Calibrated passage hose,     (pre press the hose before     be pressed by the press wheel     hose)

9) Hose press wheel (holds locked     the hose while the ridger     posterior to it, covering it with     ground).

10) Ridger cover hose

The application Drip irrigation hose layer, is set up, in single or multiple rows, on Rotosatk frames, where different solutions are available depending on the customer’s request.

Fixed frame

Including third-point attachment, one frame:

11) Frame width in cm:

240 / 255 / 300 / 400 / 520

Fixed Driving

Fixed directional wheels

Applicable on a fixed frame it maintains the alignment of the machine, it does not allow corrections such as the mobile guide which instead provides a guide station with operator.

Mount crested wheels of various sizes.

Mobile Driving

Adjustable directional wheels

Driving handlebar

Applicable on a fixed frame, it maintains the alignment of the machine, acting on the appropriate handlebar guided by the operator sitting on the machine.

Mount crested wheels of various sizes.



Wheels with ridge

Applicable on a fixed frame, folding frame, the ridge penetrates the ground, maintaining the directionality and stability of the machine.

Diameters wheels from:

Ø 320/360/400 x 100 thickness


Options list

Flex springs

Mounted on spikes placed on the directional wheels, they lift and break the tractor track.


Photo - Machine and processing: