Gluing and layer machine for barrier film

The unique sealing barrier

mulching film layer


The Gluing and layer machine for barrier film is a trailed machine that, thanks to its applications, performs

– the laying of barrier film

– the film for solarization



Mulching Film Layer

It guarantees excellent results in sealing the soil, thanks to a precise laying of the nylon film.


Oliver Agro company’s Mulching Film Layer is a mulching machine, used to uniformly spread the protective film, in particular TIF or VIF, sealing it with a special glue to avoid dispersion of fumigating product in the atmosphere. Thanks to the Oliver Agro Mulching Film Layer, it will be possible to obtain an hermetic seal and the consequent solarization, which also acts as a herbicide.


Mulching machine

Machine configuration:

Technical features


Including a third point (1), spare coil holder (2) and side plates (3) for operator. The frame is variable in width (4): from 2 to 6 meters and any dimensions on request.

Laying machine working frame

If you need to mulch single strips of soil, the nylon spread and seal system is simple and effective.

On each side of the nylon edge, a tilting arm (5), supports the elements for fixing the film and, thanks to a hydraulic system, we can lift it in case of non-use.

Before laying, a plow (6) creates a groove where the nylon film (7), pressed and in position, is placed by a smooth wheel (8). A tail vomer (9) covers it with soil and fixes it effectively to the ground.

To cover and seal a certain strip of soil on both sides, the tilting arms (10) are both in working position.

Solarization of the soil

To perform the complete solarization of a given ground, the Nylon film, at each subsequent pass, surmounts the previous one of about 20 cm.

Dedicated film gluing kit

To guarantee the sealing between the two films surmounted, we have a dedicated kit for gluing.

Dedicated kit for film gluing

The Kit consists of two tanks containing the glue (11), connected to two distributors (12) equipped with nozzles that spray the product before the overlapping of the next nylon film.

Thanks to the removable heating bands (13), positioned on the glue tanks (14), we maintain the optimal temperature of the product. The bands are supplied with a thermostat (15) for temperature regulation.

The air compressor (16) completes the kit, which presses the glue into the tanks and the thermal motor current generator (17), which powers the electrical components.

N.B. These two accessories are supplied on a frame with a third point attachment, to be able to position it in front of the tractor.

On request we can fix them directly on the frame of the nylon glue.

Where there was no need to bring the glue to temperature, thanks to the favorable climate that does not solidify it, we can provide a lightened system:

– two tanks complete with product distribution system

– a Ferroni compressor connected to the tractor transmission, which maintains the pressure in the glue tanks.

Frame with or without translator

N.B. The nylon glue can be used individually (18) anchored behind the tractor, or it can be used in a combination mounted at the rear of a fumigator (19) anchored to the tractor.

Frame mounted at the rear of the tractor.

If the width of the nylon film (20) exceeds the dimensions of the tractor (21) preceding it by 40 + 40 cm, the fixed frame (22) is used.

If the width of the nylon film is lower than the above parameters, we use the frame with a translator (23).

Frame mounted at the tail of a fumigator.

If the width of the nylon film (24) exceeds the dimensions of the fumigator (25) above 40 + 40 cm, we use the fixed frame (26).

If the width of the nylon film is less than the above parameters, we use the frame with a translator (27).

Laying and Gluing Machine for Nylon Apply

In the first draft of the nylon film (A), the pivoting arms (28) are both in the working position.

Once the first draft of the nylon film is finished, we reverse the direction of travel and from the side where we are going to perform the gluing, lift the arm carrying elements for the cut of the nylon film (29) and lower the wheel-bearing arm (30 ), which presses the nylon film surmounted, immediately after spraying the gluing product.

Afterwards, in the subsequent passes (B), the nylon film will overlap with the previous previous spraying of the gluing product.

In the following steps (B) we will translate the frame and spray the glue (D), before the nylon film overlaps the previous one, to then be pressed by the rubber wheel (E).


Laying and Gluing Machine for Nylon it can be combined with our fumigating machines, such as Brava 2003 Interratrice (31), Fumi New Velox (32), Lm Locator (33).