Granular Fumigant Localizer mod. Mirrow

for granular fumigant as Basamid/Dazomet



The Mirror is a machine for burying granular fumigants such as Basamid or Dazomet.






Designed to have a better and more uniform distribution of the fumigant along the whole profile of the ground, obtaining a decidedly superior processing.





Machine configuration:

Technical features

The machine consists of a galvanized structure (1), equipped with:

2) Milling cutter that mixes the localizing product in the soil, up to a depth of 20 cm (3).

The cutter is driven by a powerful conical pair that takes the motion from the universal shaft connected to the tractor (3).

A product spreader (4), equipped with a hopper with a volumetric micro granulator (5), the fumigant product between the cutter blades (6), thanks to connection ducts (7).

The cage roller (8):

– keeps the processing depth constant

-pack the ground

– Supports the machine

– activates the pump that moves from the hopper.

A platform (9), equipped with an access ladder, allows to supply the fumigant product in the filling tank.

The machine is equipped with an autonomous hydraulic system (10), consisting of:

Pump (powered by the tractor)

Oil tank

Heat exchanger

Leva start / stop smoothing roller

Smooth roller speed regulator

The autonomous hydraulic system feeds the hydraulic motor (11) that moves to the smoothing roller (12), adjustable according to the type of terrain.

This further 2-3 cm compaction closes the ground “hermetically”, ensuring a seal of the fumigant gas and drastically reducing the dispersion of the fumigant in the air.

The result is a better yield of the product.

Available models

With smoothing roller from:

2.0 mt

2.5 mt

Machine dimensions

A) 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 mt

B) 2.25 mt

C) 2,3 mt

Dimensioni macchina


Options list

On request we can supply the product spread application with micro volumetric granulator, installed directly on your frame / cutter.


Photo - Machine and processing: