Soil bagging machine Fastbag

Soil bagging


Fastbag is a machine designed to fill jute bags of gravel material type: pebbles, sand or other grained materials not too big.






Its simple use makes it a versatile and light machine, suitable to operate in the more adverse environments, thanks to a light and easily transportable structure.






Machine configuration:

Technical features

The machine is supplied complete with a ladder. Optional: on request “digital weight scale”.


  • Grasp the edge of the bag and place it inside the profile (B).
  • At this point press the pedal (C), the profile (B) drags the edge of the bag with it and thus allows the material to fall into the bag; at this point always support the edge of the bag, up to lean on the sleeve (D).
  • Once the bag has reached the desired load, release the pedal (C) to close the flow of material.
  • At this point, grasp the neck of the bag and close it in the desired method.


Photo - Machine and processing:

Video - Machine and processing: