Fast bag filling system



Fastbag is a soil filling machine designed to fill jute bags  or big heavy bags of gravel material such as stones, sand or other materials.





Its simple use makes it a versatile machine, suitable to operate in the most adverse environments, thanks to a light and easily transportable structure.




Machine configuration:

Technical features

Machine structure

Completely galvanized machine, consisting of:

1) Tubular supporting frame.

2) Main tank for material collection.

3) N. 4 material discharge hoppers, equipped with gate valves (4), are opened / closed by means of a pedal board (5), regulating the quantity of product to be dispensed.

Thanks to a ladder (6) with anti-fall semicircular rear railing, we can inspect the upper tank in complete safety, respecting the access limit (7).

The tank is secured, thanks to welded anti-intrusion bars (8).

The machine is equipped with accesses (9) for the fork of the forklift, to allow easy and safe transport.

Dimensions mm: 2400 (L) x 1100 (P) x 2200 (H)

Unladen mass: 500 kg

The machine works at full capacity with

No. 4 operators.


The operations of filling the bags

they take place in a simple and effective way, guaranteeing large daily productions.


Options list

To weigh full bags, on request, we can supply a “digital scale”.


Photo - Machine and processing: