Elfurbo Minitractor with Colibrì parallelograms

Self propelled Colibrì



The Colibrì application acts directly on the transplant line without damaging the root and leaf apparatus, uprooting the weeds and thus reducing the need for chemical herbicides.





– Made up of packs of toothed disks;

A) Teeth inclined in the opposite direction to the plant, protect the plant by compressing the soil outwards.

B) Sawtooth tilted teeth, arranged in the spaces not occupied by the seedlings, they perform the cleaning of the weeds.

– The teeth penetrate 2/3 cm into the ground, preserving the collar of the plant;

– We can work 10 days from planting.



Machine configuration:

Technical features

Technical data

 The Colibrì application works on all crops in narrow rows with inter-row distance of duble files (L1) from 5 to 35 cm.

Suitable for: carrots, radishes, parsley, sown rice, basil, rocket, etc.

Combination of disk groups developed according to the size of the planting pattern provided by the client.

27) Combinazione di gruppi di dischi sviluppati in base alle dimensioni del sesto di trapianto fornite dal cliente

Single element

 Used for one or more twin rows, flexible, fully adjustable with a single register key.

 25) Without extension

 26) With extension


Options list

Parallelogram with variable load, multifunctional.

Above we can mount the system to break the tractor trace and ridger  disks that serve to restore, where present, the ridge of the bed, both single and multiple.

Scraper discs

 They are used to clean and reform the ridge


Photo - Machine and processing: