Elfurbo Minitractor with Rotovert Elements

Rotovert application

Rotovert The Rotovert application acts directly on the transplant line without damaging the root and    leaf apparatus, uprooting the weeds and thus reducing the need for chemical herbicides.

Rotovert rotors, that is, vertical rotors, act like Rotoblizz rotors, but can be used on narrower inter-row spaces due to their shaped profile: 13–45 cm.

Rotating counter to each other at the same depth of 2–3 cm, they keep the plant straight, pushing the top of the soil towards the centre of the row and breaking it into pieces. In the meantime, the blades rotate to move weed sprouts or the weeds themselves outwards.

They are made of steel and have an inclination that is adjustable in 5 positions from 67° to 42° towards the plant. They rotate due to a sealed bearing and are welded with curved blades with a width of 3 cm.
Usable working surface area from the plant 4,5-5,5 cm.


Composed by:
-N° 2 opposed Rotors, with curved and flattened blades;

– Set vertically in the direction of the plant;

– Penetrate up to 3/4 cm in the soil, eliminating the germination of weeds;

– We can work 7 days after transplantation and 10 days from sowing.


Self propelled Inter-row weeding machine Rotovert on ELFURBO minitractor for horticulture and organic farming is suitable for carrots, parsnip, radish, turnip, lettuce, chicory, leafy vegetables and greens, brussel sprouts, garlic, onions, sping onions, flower, arugula o rocket salat, spinach, parsley and basil


Machine configuration:

Technical features

Tecnical data

The Rotovert application works on all crops with inter-row distance from 25 to 45 cm.

Suitable for:

for some crops transplanted and seeded in row and on ridge (salad, celery, leek, onions, carrots, radicchio).


1- Rotovert rotors.
2 -Rear side hoes: for inter-row weeding.

Single element

Used for one or more rows, flexible, fully adjustable with only one registry key.

Consisting of:

25) Parallelogrammo with springs pre-set variable load (A), with adjustment by means of a handle.

Free variable load (B),with crank adjustment.

 26) Structure elements carrier supports base set-up and options.

 27) HOES

Of varying sizes.

 28) Ridger


Options list


Device that lifts the hose before the passage of the Rotoblizz.

Parallelogram with variable load, multifunctional.

Above we can mount a group to break the trace of the tractor’s wheels and ridging disks that serve to restore, where present, the ridge of the bed, both single and multiple.