Soilbagger machine

Machine fill land bags



Is a machine studied to optimize at its best the soil filling of nylon bags for nursery.

The SOIL BAGGER innovative technology increases Productivity.





Functioning principles

1)  Soil loading

2)  Soil supplyng conveyor belt

3)  Soil collecting conveyor belt

4)  Conveyors to the soil bags

5)  Bags carryng catenary with 11 positions

6)  Bags


Technical characteristics

Bag dimensions:

Ø 150 x400 cm / 9 Kg  (from 1 to 8/9 Kg)

Hopper capacity

900 LT


Double  chain  with  double  pinion for better stability;

11 stainless steel workspaces for the loading and the unloading of the plastic bags;

double  soil  output  to  have  2  working teams at the same time;

timer for conveyor belts, for the chain;

shakers: 1 for the chain and 1 for each output.


4,00 x 2,10 x 2,50 m


650 KG

Parking and moving

2 fixed wheels and 2 steering wheels




4m included



Human resources:           – 2 to load,

– 2 to unload,

– 2 to transplant the plants into the plastic bags

– 1 operator to bring the soil to the dispensing hopper



Till  19.200  transplanted and ready to be sold plastic bags per day


Possible solutions: 

Timer                                12 sec

Plastic bags:                    da 9 Kg

Performance:         :        4.800 plastic bags


N°1 to load;

N°1 to unload;

N°1 assigned to supply the soil to the tank .

Timer:                              6 sec

Plastic bags:                               da 9 Kg

Performance:                   9600 sacchetti


Timer:                              5 sec

Plastic bags:                     da 9 Kg

Performance:                   11.520 sacchetti


N°4  assigned to plastic bags management: 2 to load and 2 to unload

N°2 to unload;

N° 1 assigned to  supply the soil to the tank (every 8’) (ogni 8’)


Tmer:                               4 sec

Plastic bags:                    da 9 Kg

Performance:                  14.440 sacchetti

Timer:                              3 sec

Plastic bags                     da 9 Kg

Performance:                  19.200 sacchetti





Machine configuration:


Photo - Machine and processing:

Video - Machine and processing: