Artichoke’s weeding machine

The definitive solution for the artichoke



Is a machine specially designed for cleaning the beds on artichoke crops.






Reliable, precise and robust, easily adjustable and practical to use.




Machine configuration:

Technical features

Structure and operation of the machine

The machine develops on a standard basic configuration.

Fixed supporting frame (A)

Fixed third point connection (B), of different sizes.



Manual dirve (C) with seat (D) managed by the operator.

Two directional wheels (E), adjustable in height (F)

The two Rotoblizz (P), opposed.

They work the upper part of the bed, uprooting the weeds on the transplanting row, at 1-2 cm from the plant, aerating the soil, on plants up to 100 cm tall.

Toothed spring sleds (R)

They break, flatten and clean the ridges of ground on the shoulders of the bed.

Ridger Discs (S)

It is a ridger consisting of 5 toothed disks that rotate by dragging, carrying out a further operation of cleaning the bed and restoration of the bed.

Group to break the trace of the tractor’s wheels (T)

They work in line with the rear wheels of the tractor, breaking deeply the soil compressed heavily by the passage of the same.

Adjustable in height.

Flex springs (V) on directional wheels

To protect the plants, shaped round profiles are mounted.

On plane lands, to protect the plants, specific profiles are mounted in sheet metal.


Options list


In stainless steel, fixed to the support.

Cut the soil and any weeds, avoiding the accumulation inside the rotor.

Suitable for silty soils



System to break the soil

Positioned in front of the Rotoblizz and Rotovert rotors, it breaks the earth’s crust.

Suitable for clay soils

Flexible Springs

Mounted on directional wheels, they lift and break the tractor track.


It penetrates into the ground, restoring the trunk, with adjustable depth

System to lift the hose irrigation

Device that lifts the hose before the Rotoblizz passage.


Precision fertilizer for chemical, organic, mineral fertilizer, plant protection products and geo insecticides, with stainless steel tank


Photo - Machine and processing: