Inter row and inter plant hoeing machine


With our Optyma hoeing machine, you can cultivate the soil between the rows and the plants with his new patented optical fiber sensors. You can easily work on many different crops such as salad, chicory, broccoli, cauliflower, hemp and in general in every transplanted or seeded crop on bed or on flat soil..





highly precise and reliable;

• revolutionary, unique and inimitable;

• flexible with several configurations;

easy to use;


• Average working speed from 1.2 to 1.5 km/h or 2 to 4 km/h.




Machine configuration:

Technical features

OPTYMA main structure is a fixed frame (1) equipped with a hydraulic shifter (2) that moves the mobile frame (3) where the weeding tools (23) are mounted.

These weeding elements (23) work on a minimal inter-row distance of 30 cm.

Note: for more narrow distances to 30 cm refer to the page Optional.

Third point (5)

Crested wheels (6) with height regulations keep a constant work direction.

Two rear rubber wheels (7)  with height regulations placed on the frame backside keep the right working level of the machine ensuring a good stability.

On board operator seat (where requested) (9)


The hydraulic shifter  and the pneumatic system are powered by the tractor hydraulic system


Optyma manage the pneumatic plant of the weeding elements by a compressor powered by the tractor driving force.



The compressor features a blower (15) for cleaning of the weeding elements. The blower is equipped with a pressure regulator (16)  for increasing or decreasing the blade push (17).


The tractor electric plant powers the machine.

  • Optical fiber sensor (18)
  • Control unit (19) for setting and adjusting parameters on the single elements or in all the elements at the same time. For example, you can delay the start of the blade action.
  • Shifter control console (20)

Optional Automatic steering camera system equipped with camera for an automatic rows detection.


Parallelogram (23) equipped with variable load springs (25) with manual regulation by handle.

Self-cleaning fermaflex wheels (26)
Mounted on a height adjustable holder with handle (27) , these wheels control the depth of the blades (17) that weed between the plants.

NB: the two blades work just underneath the upper level of the soil.

NB: The blades (17) are 6cm long, 2cm wide and 3mm thick. They break the soil thanks to their smoothed shape and inclination.

The blades opening is of 90 degrees and follow the plant shifting to avoid soil spills over the plant.



The hoes weed the soil on the lateral sides of the plant with an independent working height regulation.



Special optical fibre sensors (18) scan the row and send the data to a control unit that detect the weed. The control unit ( 19) command the pneumatic system that manage the blades opening and closure (12) while they are weeding.
NB: during the blades phase adjustment, more advanced regulation is available for the optical fibre sensors.



Ploughshares in variable dimensions reinforce the weeding within inter-row space not touched by the blades.


Options list

On-board operator seat with hydraulic steering 


A special camera is placed ahead the machine and detect the green colour of the plant and the red colour of the soil.

A special software processes the pre-set colours picking out two different areas that the program uses for maintaining the machine direction thanks to the shifting frame.

The operator by means of a screen placed in the cabin can see a panoramic image of the rows and the direction elaborated by the software at the same time.