Combinet – Tobacco leaves harvester

Machine for the collection of tobacco leaves



Self-propelled machine for the collection of oriented both lower and apical tobacco leaves.







Performs a series of operations related to the collection / sorting / storage of the leaves themselves.






Machine configuration:

Technical features

Combinet is developed on a three-wheeled chassis, with a rear track (1) variable according to the inter-row: from a minimum of 1.8 meters to 2.4 meters. In height the available light (2) is 1.6 meters.

Combinet moves thanks to a hydrostatic transmission system (3), managed by the main hydraulic system (4) which, in turn, is powered by the 27 HP Lombardini 3-cylinder liquid-cooled engine (5), positioned at the top to leave the working area, at the bottom, completely free.

The machine is divided into three main operating units:

6) Control station

7) Upper work station

8) Lower work station

The Control station (9) offers the operator maximum visibility on the work area and operates standing up.

Composed of a panel where all the commands (10) for moving the machine are located:

10) Engine panel and services:

– Steering wheel

– Advance commands

– Automatic driving

– Tachometer

– Various levels

– Water temperature

– Various headlights

– Tachometer

N.B. Once the automatic driving (11) has been inserted, the operator assigned to the control station can work alongside the staff in charge of storing the product in the upper workstation.

The lower workstations (12) are 5 and are occupied by operators who collect tobacco leaves directly from the plant.

Each station consists of a seat for the operator (13) and a basket / lift (14) which, once filled with leaves, is called by the operator of the upper floor.

The upper work station (15) is occupied by various operators, according to work needs.

Here are the hydraulic levers for activating the closing / opening of the basket-carrying arms (16) and the raising / lowering pedals of the baskets (17).

The rest of the workstation is used by operators to perform a series of manual operations for sorting and storing tobacco leaves.

Machine dimensions (mm):

18) Open, with the upper operational platforms

(A) 5400 x (B) 7800 X (H) 3600

19) Closed for short trips on country roads to arrive on the work area independently.

(A) 5400 x (B) 7800 X (H) 3600

Phases of work and productivity

Combinet collects up to 10 tons of tobacco a day, and can do it in two ways:

First solution involving 9 operators.

No. 5 operators involved in the collection (20).

No. 2 operators involved in the storage (21) and packaging of tobacco leaves (No. 1 is also enabled to drive the vehicle).

Once the machine is filled, the operator enabled to drive takes the load to the company where:

No. 2 operators (22) stick the leaves into the frames, placed on a frame used for drying in the oven (23).