Rideger Mod. 90

Polyvalent solution for tobacco farming



The Rideger Mod. 90  is the specific attachment for creating a furrow in previously tilled soil, opening small drainage ditches and reinforcing row crops. Before the transplanting, distribution of ferltilizer or micro granular insecticide.





It is also equipped to perform a series of operations after transplanting: to re-soil the soil, to break up the clods of soil near the plant so that it can breathe better.




Machine configuration:

Technical features

Before transplanting the machine is equipped with:


Anchors breakers for track of tractor’s wheels (A)


Ridgers adjustable in width and depth (B)

Ridge compactor rollers (C)

– Adjustable Row’s Tracer (D)

The image shows the precise ridges, which are created by the machine before the transplant operations.

In case of clayey soils a cage roller (K) is recommended, for a further crushing of the soil and a compaction of the ridge for transplanting.

In the picture the Rideger Mod. 90 with  a cage roller.

As for the treatments, the Rideger Mod. 90, can be equipped with:

– Fertilizer distributor (E)

– Distributor of local micro granular insecticide (F)

After transplanting the machine can be equipped with:

Progressive soil ridgers (G)

– Soil pre-breaker rollers on transplant rows (H)

Flex springs that lift and break the tractor’s trace (L)



Photo - Machine and processing:

Video - Machine and processing: