Bed former machine

A job well done

Bed Former



The Bed Former Machine is designed for the bed forming on worked soils or not, which are mainly compacted.




Bed Former

The result is a smooth bed, in order to lay the drip irrigation hose, to avoid unpleasant interruptions of water supply, due to the              non-smooth bed.

It also serves to make the nylon adhere and roll better.



Bed former machine

Machine configuration:

Technical features

Equipped with a cutter driven from a powerful central transmission tapered pair (A), which rotates the    two milling axes (B).  Thanks to this combination we have a machine volume (C) reduced (2300mm),in contrast with the traditional system with only one mill      which use an external transmission with greater volume.

The conical pair is equipped with a gear box (D) so to obtain 4 different transmission speeds, depending on the needs of the soil that will be worked.

To the conical pair is possible to add another PTO to be used for another accessories.

N.B. The conical pair and the cutter supports are in an oil bath.

The rotating blades of the cutter (E) break the clods of the ground, considerably reducing their size, and also guarantee an excellent crumbling and burial of grasses and other crop residues, on all types of soil.
Sawtooth knives (F) considerably shorten the setting time in the ground.

The cutter with a width of 230 cm convey the right    amount of soil to create a finished bed of:

cm 140 base (H),

cm 45 height (L)

cm 110 width ridge (M).

The machine is equipped with:

External fixed equipped conveyors, at the base, with special gears that break the ground in depth, thus increasing the supply of earth for the construction of the bed (N).

-Internal adjustable conveyors in width, which distribute the soil in the bed (O) in a homogeneous way.

-Two side pivoting rollers (P), self-cleaning thanks to the scravers supplied, which together with the upper gate valve (Q) adjustable in height, work together to give the bed and smooth and homogeneous surface.


Photo - Machine and processing: