Transplanting Machine mod. SD

Precise output



The Transplanting Machine mod. SD is a machine designed for planting plants for fruit tree nurseries.






Trailed type, performs a constant and precise arrangement of the plants, regardless of the speed of the tractor, thanks to an autonomous system of movements, synchronized.




Machine configuration:

Technical features

Structure and functioning


The frame (1), with third point (2), supports all the components of the machine.

Equipped with a container for the storage of plants (3) from where the operator, sitting in working position (4), picks them up to place them in the transplantation device

The first operating element of the machine is the plough (5), which creates the excavation for the planting of the plant.

The depth of the excavation (6), variable from 15 to 40 cm, is modified by acting on the height of the towed towed wheels (7), which bring the motion to the transplanting device.

The two towed wheels (8) transmit the movement to the transplanting device (9), consisting of a chain mechanism, where the transplanting pliers (10) are arranged, at a variable distance from 14 to 70 cm.


For rows over 70 cm up to a maximum of 1.5 m, we apply a dedicated device (11), with a chain system of greater excursion.


N.B. Ideal for planting plants  from vineyard.

The transplanting forceps (12), are packaged according to the size of the plant stem to be transplanted, from about 4 to 35 mm.


The following clamps are available:

A) Caliper x shank from 4 to 12 mm;

B) Shank for 6 to 15 mm;

C) Shank for 10 to 20 mm;

D) Caliper x shank from 15 to 25 mm

E) Caliper x shank from 20 to 30 mm;

F) Caliper x shank from 25 to 35 mm

For the clamps for stems from 4 to 15 mm, shims (13) are provided to improve the grip of the plant.


On the pincers we can apply shells reggi zolla (14), where there were some plants extracted from the jars with all the clod of soil


From the working position, the operator inserts the plants on the pliers positioning them in the furrow created by the falcon.



Once the plant has been placed in the furrow created by the plough, the recollection elements (15-16) cover it with earth.

By adjusting the rotation speed of the rear wheels (17), driven by hydraulic motors, we straighten the plant.

Rear-fillers (18) restore the soil to the sides of the plants.

The machine can be set up with multiple files for a maximum of 4.

The minimum distance between the rows (18) is about 60 cm.


Options list

On request as an option, the drip irrigation hose layer (19) is available.

For particularly hard terrains, we have crust breaker (20), positioned in front of the plough.

Photo - Machine and processing: