Below you will find a selection of agricultural machines dedicated to cauliflower cultivation. In particular, we will introduce our inter-row weeders for cauliflower, suitable for both organic and conventional farming or zero residue cultivation.

Our range of cauliflower-related products includes:

– Equipment for weed management or non-chemical control

– Inter-row weeding machines

– Hose laying and collecting machines for irrigation and fertigation

– Soil fumigators or sterilizers of liquid or granular fumigants

– Series of accessories for soil fertilization or fertilizer distributor


All our products are crafted using high-quality materials and the most advanced technologies available in the market, ensuring superior performance and long-lasting durability.

The most suitable weeder for cauliflower is the Optyma 2.0, Rotosark and Minitractor Elfurbo, depending on the inter-row spacing being used.

The inter-row weeding machine for organic and conventional cauliflower can be adapted to various types of soil, the number of rows planted, and can be equipped with fertilizer spreaders for granular fertilizers. The alignment of the weeding elements on the rows can be either mechanical or fully automatic.

Hose laying and collecting machines for cauliflower can be customized based on the number of rows planted. Cauliflower planting should be done using a suitable cauliflower transplanter to optimize weeding and combat weeds at the germination stage, even in the case of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Soil fumigation for cauliflower and the application of fumigants, other phytosanitary products, or fertilizers should be coordinated with an agronomist in the presence of nematodes or other soil-related issues.

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