Elfurbo Minitractor

self-propelled tool-carrier with inter row weeding elements



It is a self-propelled and polyvalent tool-carrier, designed to perform inter-row weeding with maximum practicality and with the help of a single operator.






Elfurbo is synonymous with:

– Compactness

– Comfort

– Visibility

– Time and staff savings




Applications on Elfurbo Minitractor

Click on the icons to select the application


On all crops with distance
between the rows equal
to or greater than 30 cm

On all crops with distance
between the rows
from 15 to 35 cm

Work on all crops in narrow rows
with distance between the
rows spacing of 8 to 15 cm

Machine configuration:

Technical features

General description

1) Light load bearing frame, no soil compression.

2) Sun and rain protection cover.

3) Engine compartment

4) Integral traction moved by hydraulic motors, with the help of gearboxes.

5) Front connection of the third hydraulic point, 300 mm vertical excursion, for special applications such as the fertilizer spreader.

6) Internal connection consisting of a square bar for fixing the Rotoblizz / Rotovert / Colibrì applications with a vertical travel of 300 mm.

7) Adjustable LED work light.

8) LED headlights.

9) LED taillights

10) High driving position, which allows a panoramic and precise view on processing.

11) The adjustable hydraulic guide, positioned sideways.

12) Controls positioned laterally with a comfortable armrest.



Engines Elfurbo Minitractor

Elfurbo Minitractor engines from:

18 HP-2 Cylinders for applications on 1 row

27 HP-3 Cylinders for applications on 2 rows

40 HP-4 Cylinders for applications  on 3/4 rows

Technical data

 13) Machine dimensions in cm:

  1. A) 230
  2. B) 110/200
  3. C) 230
  4. D) 350

 14) Roadway dimensions in cm: 90/200

 15) Turning diameter (E) 450 cm

Steering angle (F) 50 °

16) Side slope (G) 10%

17) Gradeable slope (H) 3%

 18) Unladen mass 900 Kg.

At full load 1500/1700 Kg

20) Driving speed: 8 – 18 Km / h

21) Traction on 4 wheels, using engines

Plumbers + reducers.

22) Tires from ø760×180

23) Maximum permitted load:

1) 550 Kg

2) 150 Kg

24) With motor from:

18 CV / 2 CIL – N ° 1 FILA

27 CV / 3 CIL – N ° 2 FILE

40 CV / 4 CIL – N ° 3/4 FILE


Options list

Close camera

To facilitate operator visibility on rows, we apply a camera placed in front of a single row.

The operator can see the work area enlarged, thanks to the monitor.

Hidraulyc Break the trace



Hydraulic socket services

Quick auxiliary couplings to feed any Fertilizer spreader or other systems driven by hydraulic systems.


Fertilizer distributor




Photo - Machine and processing: